10 Types Of Cross Fit Wod

10 Types Of Cross Fit Wod

CrossFit Wod-

Cross Fit Wod is the “Workout Of The Day” hence, these workouts are given by a CrossFit expert or trainer. In most cases, the workout needs to be completed in 20 to 40 mins altogether.

Every individual has a different threshold, where he can utilize his maximum ability and skill for these workouts. Similarly, the number of repetitions varies according to the weight lifted. Cross fit is perfect for beginners.

All WOD’s consist of high-intensity training (HIT), stability, mobility, swiftness, strength and circuit training. It’s imperative to stretch before workouts. Due to excessive muscle use its likely to get cramps, muscle pulls or any injury while training.

Famous WOD’s:

10 Types Of Cross Fit Wod
  1. FRAN one of the most popular CrossFit Wod, where you start with 21 reps of pull up and thrusters, going down to 15 reps or each and lastly 09 reps. In this exercise, the weight shall vary respectively. This comes under the category of RFT which means “Reps For Time”.
  2. CINDY is the kind of workout where you only utilize your body weight, more like functional training. Having a rep ratio of 15 squats. 10 push up, and 5 pull-ups.
  3. GRACE is a simple straight forward WOD, with 30 reps of clean and jerks, for time.
  4. CHELSEA named after a woman is one of the hardest workouts. This WOD helps you check the progress you’ve made over time. A HIIT, with a rep scheme: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats, with a slight change: being a 30-minute EMOM.
  5. HELEN is three rounds of a 400-meter sprint, 21 kettlebells, and 12 pull-ups, as fast as you can go.

Hardcore Cross Fit Wod:

  1. FIGHT GONE BAD is a WOD with no rest for five minutes, making it a high-intensity training. The workout includes wall balls, push press, sumo deadlifts, rowing, and push press, one minute spent on each workout. After the five-minute timer is up, there is rest for one minute.
  2. MURPH, named after lieutenant Micheal Murphy, martyred in Afghanisthan, in 2005. Commonly known as “Body Armour” the toughest full-body workout. Starting with a mile run, pullups, pushups, squats, and ending with a mile run.
  3. BURPEE MILE consists of a 1600 meters path, where one needs to do as many burpees as possible, where walking is prohibited. Clearly, an excellent full-body workout, using your body weight.
  4. DT consists of barbell movements. Including 5 rounds for time. Consisting of 6 push-jerks, 9 hang power cleans, and 12 deadlifts. Constructed mainly to test your strength and cardio capacity.
  5. BULL named after a USA Marine Corp Captain, is a cardio-based workout, for 1 mile each time. You have to complete two rounds of 200 double unders, 50 overhead squats, 50 pull-ups, 1 mile run for time.  

Cross Fit Wod Results:

10 Types Of Cross Fit Wod

In order to see results, it’s necessary to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet inclusive of a high amount of protein, a moderate amount of carbs and fiber. Along with workouts, it’s absolutely necessary to take enough rest to see changes in your body. Also, supplements will be required additionally.

Nonetheless, Crossfit helps to get a toned lean body with the right amount of muscle gain. Last but not least, cross fit is the best way to work on core fitness, strength, and stability.

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