A Guide To Master CrossFit Power Clean

A Guide To Master CrossFit Power Clean

The power clean is a weightlifting drill that has many benefits, and it is an important part of a CrossFit workout. You would need to know the right techniques to master the perfect CrossFit power clean exercise.

How To Do The Power Clean

A Guide To Master CrossFit Power Clean
A Guide To Master CrossFit Power Clean

Let’s took a look at how to do the power clean in a precise manner-

  • Stand firmly with your feet wide apart.
  • Squat down and hold the bar with arms wide apart.
  • Keep the tension through the upper back and the lower body by placing the feet hard on the ground.
  • Pick the bar and keep close to your shins.
  • As the bar reaches above the knees, extend your torso and try to keep the bar close to the thighs.
  • Extend the hips, and after the hip is completely extended, start shrugging your shoulders and moving your elbows high.
  • Get under the bar in a quarter squat position.
  • Handle the bar with your elbows forward and stand erect and raise your hands to the maximum height.

This is the way you do a power clean. However, in the beginning, you should always practice under the guidance of an expert to do it perfectly and not harm yourself.

Benefits Of Power Clean

Power clean exercise has the potential to positively impact the full body. Let’s see some of the benefits of this workout.

  • Power clean can be quite useful in burning the body fat substantially, and so it can be used to get a leaner body.
  • This exercise can help you with muscle development. It puts exertion on your lower body and develops the hamstring and calf muscles. It also improves the muscles of the lower and upper back.
  • Power clean increases explosive power as there is a lot of muscle contraction involved in the workout. This explosive power could be quite useful in fast-paced sports like sprinting, soccer, football, etc.
  • You become better aware of your body parts while doing a power clean as different muscles of the body are involved accompanied by various movements.
  • Power clean can help you to have a better body posture by working on the muscles in the backside of your body.
A Guide To Master CrossFit Power Clean
A Guide To Master CrossFit Power Clean
  • You can boost the balance of your body while performing this workout as you handle the center of mass against the weight.
  • You also improve your grip strength as you hold the barbell in position while performing the different movements during the exercise.

Things To Avoid 

You need to be careful while performing this drill and keep in mind the following points.

  • Do not speed while picking up the weight from the floor as this can lead to an incorrect body movement during the exercise.
  • Do not try to lift the weight with the strength of your back and upper body. Instead, initially make the use of the lower body and shift the tension as the weight rises. This way you would be able to use the right muscles at the right time.
  • Do bend your arms too quickly as this may cause the weight to fall on your shoulders.
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