All About Cross Fit Games 2019

All About Cross Fit Games 2019

Cross Fit Games-

Cross fit games are a worldwide phenomenon it’s an open competition where athletes compete to become the “Fittest man on earth”. Entirely sponsored by Reebok and Competitions take place in the summer of the year, since 2007.

Summarising this as a thrilling experience for the viewers as well as performers. Brutally designed with a range of functional movements, standard aerobics, weightlifting, gymnastics, moving large loads and long distances, quickly.

Constructed only to test an individual’s fitness and not train them. To illustrate, their main goal, which is, to find the fittest athletes.

All About Cross Fit Games 2019
All About Cross Fit Games 2019


There are three ways of athletes to qualify-

  1. First and foremost, through the online age group qualifier.
  2. Apart from that, there are top athletes and teams from Sanctional events.
  3. Lastly, by earning an invitation.

The Open:

Initially, from 2011 to 2019, the Opens used to take place from February to March. For qualifying for 2020 next year, the opens moved to October 2019. Every Thursday workouts are published online. This happens for five weeks and they contain five workout competitions. The minimum age required is 14 years to join the first stage.

Sanctioned Events

From 2019, cross fit sanctioned individual independent fitness events as qualifiers separate from the Open. Sanctions events, is solely owned by CrossFit, LLC and trademarked by them. There’s a total of 21 sanctioned events for the 2020 season.


Last but not least, four athletes who aren’t qualified in the opens or sanctioned events, they shall be chosen by Cross fit.

All About Cross Fit Games 2019
All About Cross Fit Games 2019

Cross Fit Games 2019

The Cross fit games 2019, which took place from 1st to 4th August, in Madison, Wisconsin, the USA at the Alliant Energy Centre. 2019 held the 13th cross fit competition. The entire event was live-streamed from a world feed throughout the weekend, which was also multilingual. This event is partnered up with Reebok and Rogue.

In addition to the entire competition, there were a number of sponsors, organizers, and members from the cross fit community.

Cross Fit Games 2019 Results:

Mat Fraser, a 29-year-old American born CrossFit professional athlete won the men’s competition 2019.

Tia Claire Toomey, a 26-year-old Australian born cross-fit two-time winner (2017- 2018) won the 2019 competition. She is the first woman to win three times consecutively.

Cross fit Mayhem Freedom, led by Rich Froning jr. who is a 32-year-old American CrossFit professional. Titled the first “Fittest man on earth” four times consecutively from the year 2011 to 2014. Leading the team to a four-time winning position in this competition, also sponsored by major brands like Oakley, Reebok, and Rogue fitness.

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