Best Push Workouts Plan For Size Growth

Push workouts are done for the muscle groups that are used to perform push functions, these muscle groups include chest, shoulders, and triceps. Ideally, you should do push and pull workouts on alternative days in a week. This way, your muscles will get enough time to get proper rest. 

For those who want to build a bigger chest, shoulder, or triceps, here is a complete push workout program for you. We’re gonna make you familiar with each and every workout and its use in the muscle-building process.

The Complete Upper Body Push Workout Plan

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This is a list of workouts for all upper body push function muscles. Incorporate these in your workout plan on the first, third, and fifth days of the week, with full function and leg workout on other days. Do all of these in 3 sets of 6 to 10 reps and increase the weight you lift as you start to become comfortable with the weight that you’re lifting.

  1. Chest-

Incline dumbbell press

Flat dumbbell press

Decline dumbbell press

Pec deck fly

  1. Shoulders-

Front dumbbell raises

Side dumbbell raises

Dumbbell shoulder raises

Incline dumbbell rear lateral raises

  1. Triceps-

Seated one arm overhead extension

Dumbbell seated overhead extension

Tricep cable pushdown

Reverse grip tricep cable pushdown

Roles Of All these Workouts

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  1. Chest-

Incline dumbbell press- This workout mainly works on the upper chest, but it also works on your front delts (shoulders).

Flat dumbbell press – It mainly works on the center of your chest.

Decline dumbbell press – This one works on the lower part of your chest.

Pec deck fly – It creates the vertical line in between your chest by lifting up your inner chest.

  1. Shoulders-

Front dumbbell raises- It works on front delts (shoulders) as the main muscle but works a little bit on the upper chest area as well.

Side dumbbell raises- This one works on the side of your shoulders and gives them that bowling ball-like look from the sides.

Dumbbell shoulder raises- This workout works on the upper part of your shoulders.

Incline dumbbell rear lateral raises- As the name suggests, this one works on the rear part of your shoulders.

  1. Triceps-

Seated one arm overhead extension- This workout works on the long head of the tricep, which makes up most of your triceps.

Dumbbell seated overhead extension- This one also targets the long head from a different angle. For the best results, you must include both one arm and double-arm seated overhead extension workouts.

Tricep cable pushdown- This one mainly hits the lateral head of your tricep.

Reverse grip tricep cable pushdown- It targets the medial head area of your triceps, which is the smallest and often ignored part of your triceps. You must work on this one to gain size and detail in the lower part of your triceps.


If you’re gonna follow this push workout plan, along with a good pull workout plan on other days and a good diet plan, you’ll be able to add some impressive size and details to your muscles within 2 to 3 months.

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