Can Beginners Do Crossfit Weight Training?

Crossfit Weight Training

Crossfit is in high demand these days. It is trending on Social Media but we need to understand first what is Crossfit?

With high-intensity functional movements, it is a training philosophy that coaches people of all sizes and shapes to improve their physical well-being and also helps cardio fitness.

This program is perfect for a committed individual and aims to boost your core cardio strength.  This is a unique tool because this can be scaled and there are no different workouts for different individuals.

There is a particular type of workout prescribed for an individual who comes for the Crossfit.

Usually there is one workout for women and another type of workout for athletes, but here there is One Workout each day that can be scaled based on your skill-sets.

1) Beginners to weight training – If an individual has never trained with weights before, this is a great place to start provided you have a coach who will overlook your training.

The individual will learn all of the type of lifts. Once you start doing this, you will feel that you will fall in love with Strength/weight-training.

2) Community & Support based Environment –Every gym which is into CrossFit has a very strong community based feeling to it. The individual is not paying just the membership fees, but is also joining the community who will be supporting each other.

3) Individuals who are crazy about fitness – Individuals who do Crossfit love to work out each and every day and if they don’t, then they feel that they are missing out on something for that day.

3 days ON, 1 day OFF. But once an individual starts working out, it is very addictive for them and end-up working out every day of the week.

Some people for whom this will be a good fit/beneficial for them are as follows:

1) Specialists – Individuals who want to become power lifters, this is not the ideal place for them to be.

2) Sports Athletes – Are you a specialist athelete who wants to train for a sport? You should be better off finding a coach who will help you improve your performance for that specific sport. Besides every sport has a specific movement that requires special training on specific muscles.

This is not suitable for that individual who wants to become a sports athlete.

3) Individual Trainers – Individuals who want to train on their own is not the place for them, because people doing Crossfit are usually trained in groups, this will mean that you cannot work out on your own.

If you like group training or CrossFit, or you want to train on your own; we have coaches who can guide you.  We have a 1-to-1 Coaching program to help you achieve maximum fitness! There are workouts and nutritional guidance for your personal needs.

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