CrossFit Workout – A Comprehensive Guide

CrossFit Workout – A Comprehensive Guide

You may be well aware of regular gymnasiums, Zumba classes, and so on. These are all places where you go to improve your physical body and become a better version of yourself. A rather new entrant to this list of fitness organizations would be a CrossFit Centre where you practice CrossFit workout. This workout was first introduced around the year 2000 and has gained significant popularity since then.

What Is CrossFit Workout

CrossFit Workout – A Comprehensive Guide
CrossFit Workout – A Comprehensive Guide

A CrossFit workout is composed of various types of specific exercises, both aerobic and weightlifting. It is focused more on overall fitness rather than specializing particularly in something. Unlike the standard gymnasiums, the CrossFit workout is done in a group. You would work out with other participants under the guidance of a certified trainer. The setting of a CrossFit center would be somewhat different from the regular gyms, and it also consists of less equipment.

Terminologies Used In This Field

You need to be aware of some terms that are used in this field so that you understand the exercises involved in it.

  • AMRAP – It stands for “as many rounds as possible.” You have to repeat a set of the specific combination of exercises as many times as possible in a given time.
  • EMOM – It means “every minute on the minute”. You start a stopwatch and repeat the set of exercises at regular intervals that always start at the beginning of the minute.
  • RFT – “Rounds for time” is the number of times that you repeat an exercise-set within the specified time period.
  • WOD – “Workout of the day” is the specific exercise that you would do on a given day.

Basic Exercises Involved In the Workout

A CrossFit workout consists of a few common exercises which are done with the bodyweight as well as additional weights.

CrossFit Workout – A Comprehensive Guide
CrossFit Workout – A Comprehensive Guide
  • Pull-ups – For this, you just need a pull-up bar where you can hang and pull yourself up against the bodyweight. This gives your upper-body strength as well as flexibility.
  • Press-ups – The most popular bodyweight exercise is useful for increasing the strength of your whole body.
  • Squats – This exercise could be done just with the bodyweight or you could add extra weight which is placed on your shoulders. You can strengthen your lower body with squats.

There are other training provided by the instructor in combination with these basic exercises. The instructor would specify the number of times you need to do a particular exercise in a certain time period and may mention the terms like AMRAP, EMOM, etc. These sets of exercises are named Mary, Angie, and so on. You would do Mary as WOB (workout of the day) on a day and Angie the other day.

Benefits Of CrossFit Workout

  • You can build a great physique with a CrossFit workout. There are lots of male and female models with six-pack abs who do this type of workout.
  • You could also build a wonderful community with people who participate with you.
  • There is always someone who guides as the exercises are done in a group under the guidance of the instructor.

This work out not maybe for someone who is looking for specialization, but, definitely, it can help you to get a fit body and make you a better version of yourself. 

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