CrossFit Workout To Do At Home And The Benefits Of Doing them

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lso don’t want to miss out on your daily workout. So, what do you do then? CrossFit workout to the rescue. These workouts are easily done from the comfort of your home even with limited gym equipment.

CrossFit workouts also benefit your body as much as going to the gym does. Engaging in these workouts will make your heart run optimally, and leave your body energetic. Hence, we discuss some CrossFit workout to do at home and the benefits of doing them.

Some CrossFit Workouts To Do At Home

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  • Mini Murph: Make a one mile sprint, then follow it up with 200 push-ups, 200 air squats, and end with another mile run. 
  • Interval Cardio: This workout starts with a spring for 100m, followed by a 100m walk. You then repeat this for ten rounds. This workout can even be done in between your normal gym sessions.
  • Cindy: You start this workout with 5 pull-ups, follow it with 10 push-ups, and end with 15 air squats. Repeat the sequence for 20 mins. 
  • Death by: For this workout, choose one of push-ups, air squats, or burpees. Engage in the chosen movement for a minute. As soon as you get done with the first minute, repeat for the second minute. You then keep going every minute until you can’t proceed.
  • Squats: This workout is familiar to most of us. It makes for a perfect CrossFit workout to do from home. It has its effect on your muscles, thereby enhancing their capacity. To engage in this, just do 300 air squats.

Some Benefits Of CrossFit Workout

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  • Aids weight loss: If you’re looking to shed some extra fat, then engage in these workouts. They help you burn more calories daily, and also boost your body metabolism which ultimately ends up in weight loss.
  • Bone Density Increases: These workouts have their effects mostly on your hips and thighs, successfully increasing their density. Your body’s weight then gets evenly distributed.
  • Aids Better Sleep: CrossFit workouts help you sleep better, especially if you’ve not been able to sleep well. It reduces your stress and helps you relax naturally. You also will get tired and fall asleep as soon as your body touches your bed.


There are days when it’s hard to just visit the gym, due to a busy schedule or for some other reasons. You can instead engage in CrossFit workout right from the comfort of your home. We discuss some CrossFit workout to do at home and the benefits of doing them.

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