No Equipment Necessary For CrossFit Bodyweight Workout

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If you are just starting out in your CrossFit training, one of the things you will most likely ask about our workout plans and equipment. When I first began CrossFit, my first goal was to build up a sweat-watery physique. So, I did not want any fancy gear or gadgets to help me. However, I still wanted to do an effective workout that would help me build strength and endurance. I quickly learned that without the use of tools and gadgets, a CrossFit workout is as easy as a warm up and a cool down!

Without a gym membership or a partner to assist you, it is difficult to get a consistent and reliable workout every time. And, it is always hard to know when you are getting the most out of your workout. The mind cannot work alone without the right attitude. Here are some of the ways you can build your strength and endurance without the use of equipment:

Think Positive

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Any workout plan can only be as effective as you make it. And, a simple plan with a positive attitude can be the key to success! The old saying “if you go to war without a fighter, you have no chance of winning” really is true. You must be in an upbeat mood and mindset before and throughout your CrossFit training. When you come out of your workout session, it will be draining and very challenging, but if you are in a good mood, you will have the energy to keep going!

Don’t be afraid to try new exercises. It is the nature of a workout routine to grow and change with time. That means that the same old boring exercises you tried yesterday can become a source of strength and enjoyment tomorrow! So, be willing to challenge yourself by trying something new.

Give Each Exercise Enough Rest Time

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Be careful not to do too many repetitions. If your goal is to develop muscles, not build them, then cutting down your reps will not help you. Instead, focus on maintaining good form. This will allow you to work more muscles in less time. Try to alternate between heavy and light exercises, and stay active. Be sure to give each exercise enough rest time between sets for the muscles to heal and rebuild.

o Always warm up and cool down. Warm ups prevent you from sustaining injuries that can occur during the actual workout. A good exercise strategy is to perform three to five minutes of cardiovascular exercise followed immediately by two to three sets of muscle-burning exercises. Follow these guidelines before every CrossFit workout session.

A Proper Fitness Routine

You may wonder why it is important to develop a proper fitness routine when you don’t have any equipment. The reason is that a proper CrossFit workout includes several components. These components include an intense cardio workout combined with high-intensity exercises targeting the larger muscles of the legs and upper body. A proper nutrition plan is essential if you want to reach your goals with your CrossFit bodyweight workout.

In summary, just because you’re not using any equipment does not mean that you can go any easier during your CrossFit workout. Make sure you warm up properly and stretch before each workout to prevent any unnecessary muscle strain. Maintain good form by maintaining good posture throughout your workout. And, eat lots of fruits and vegetables!

A Variety Of Exercises

To improve your CrossFit workout, you’ll need access to a variety of exercises in order to target each of the body’s major muscles. Start out with an exercise ball, but a pair of dumbbells will do as well. Place the ball under your chest so that you can hold it between your legs and contract your ab muscles. Hold the dumbbells above your head so that your arms are at a natural advantage. Do thirty to fifty repetitions of twelve to sixteen repetitions of each of the following exercises: sit-ups, shoulder press, deadlift, clean and press, chest fly, power clean, chest flies, reverse flies, shrugs, and Turkish get up.

Once you’ve built up enough stamina to perform these exercises without tiring yourself, you can increase the weight you use for each set or each individual exercise by one pound. That’s right – one pound per workout! This is the beauty of utilizing workout equipment – you can vary the resistance levels to challenge your muscles as you progress.

Final Words

A CrossFit workout consists of hundreds of cardiovascular exercises and intense strength workouts. You won’t need any heavy equipment to complete these workouts, and you will be able to perform them from literally anywhere. If you hate being tied down by a treadmill, or by a gym machine, or by a pair of dumbbells, then CrossFit is perfect for you. If you have no gym equipment, no need for a spotter, and absolutely no endurance needs, then this is the perfect workout for you! With CrossFit, you can burn up to 400 calories per hour and do it all day long, every day!

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