The Definitive Guide To- Cross Fit

The Definitive Guide To- Cross Fit

A Lifestyle

Cross fit unquestionably is a style of living and an excellent way to transform your body. Best described as a safe, effective workout and healthy nutrition. It is mixed training of mobility, strength, high intensity and the most competitive sport.

The program will work for everybody, as it hits the core of your body. Even who are just starting out and who have trained for years. Everyone has a strong opinion on cross fit, some hate it, whereas some love it.

Cross Fit Games 2019

This workout can urge you to get strong and fit. They include sit-ups, pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, kettlebells, push-ups, weightlifting, gym, running, rowing with other variations. Focusing on each part of the body. A suggested training period of 5 days per week, to obtain maximum results.

The 2019 Games were held in Wisconsin, United States. Held as the 13th Games, dated from August 1–4, 2019, at Alliant Energy Center.

There are three stages to overcome, for becoming the fittest man or woman. The first stage is the Open, which includes a five-week, five-workout competition. Altogether 18 regions qualify for the second stage.

After which, 18 worldwide regions shall compete against each other, for the one out of nine spots. Finally, the winners qualify for the spots, wherein the end one wins the title.


Mat Fraser won the men’s competition. Tia-Clair Toomey who was the winner for the female competition. Thew team competition was won by Crossfit Mayhem Freedom, as they did in 2018.

Cross Fit WOD

Particularly, WOD means “Workout of the day.” This workout is given by the trainer or expert when you visit any class. When you indulge yourself completely in this lifestyle, you’ll learn terms you never knew. The feeling of looking at the whiteboard and accomplishing the WOD is an achievement on its own.

There is a variety of WOD’s, some feature women’s names like “FRAN” and “ANNIE”. Others WOD’s are –

  • The most common one is “AMRAP” which means As Many Rounds As Possible, is a high-intensity workout. With the least amount of rest per round. The most common exercises in AMRAP are burpees, skipping and running.
  • Next, WOD variation is, “EMOM” which is an abbreviation for, Every Minute On The Minute. In this WOD, a number of reps need to be completed per minute. Also called an interval workout.
  • Also then we have, “FGB” which means Fight Gone Bad. This workout particularly focuses on foundation movements, mixed martial arts and followed by one-minute rest.
  • Following “The Chipper” WOD, which includes a repetitive form of workout for each set, this has a higher number of reps. Moreover used for muscle building.
  • “The Ladder” WOD, where the number of reps keeps ascending that is they keep increasing or descending which is they keep decreasing every set.
  • The “Tabata” WOD, considered a fat-burning high-intensity interval training (HIIT), with only 10 seconds rest in between each movement. This form of workout improves muscle growth.
  • Lastly, “RFT” meaning Rounds For Time. This is a circuit workout, where a maximum number of rounds must be done in a given time.
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