Upper Abs Workout and Its Various Forms of Practice

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Upper abs workouts are crucial to developing the core of your abs. In a nutshell, core strength and core power are the foundation of any athletic performance. Core strength develops fast, while core power allows you to do more repetitions with less effort. That means your abs muscles will grow more quickly with your actions. With this in mind, let’s break down an upper abs workout into three components.

The Various Components of Upper Abs Workout

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  • The first component is the standard dumbbell curl. You can perform both the standard and decline variations of the curl. To complete the standard dumbbell curl, you take a pair of dumbbells and position them on the edge of a bench. Next, you bend over and rest them on your chest, stiffening your back.
  • Next, you will want to add more resistance by performing an upper abs workout of squats or lunges. Again, you are going to assume a lay-down position on the floor. Now, lean against the edge of the bench, crossing your legs, and curl your torso as far as you can until the dumbbells touch your calves. Then, lean back until your chest is flat against the floor, and repeat.
  • The third component of an adequate level upper abs workout is doing an abdominal muscle isolation exercise. In this exercise, you will be performing three sets of twelve repetitions. An exercise that isolates the hip flexors is known as the incline dumbbell raise. Begin this exercise by sitting in a chair. Next, raise one dumbbell over your head and lower it slowly to the side, staying in a steady position on the floor.

Maintain a Fixed Exercise Routine

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An exercise routine that uses an intense low-intensity circuit is the flat crunch. This exercise works the vast lateral or the inner abdominal muscles. You need to lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor to complete this workout. Then, lift your legs to your chest, making sure that your arms are placed on the floor in a straight line with your body. Crunch your lower back until your chin reaches the eye, and hold for two seconds before returning to the starting position.

Another joint abdominal exercise is the level upper abs workout which targets the hip flexors and gluteus maximus. Stand upright with both your hands placed comfortably above your head. Now lift your torso by pushing your hips out and backward while locking your elbows. Then slowly lower yourself back to the starting position. While doing this exercise, do not perform the standard crunch; instead, use your legs for leverage to create greater tension and intensity.


These ab exercises and ab workouts are the most effective ab exercises and workouts for women looking to get a sexy, toned stomach. To get started, visit our website to access our free workouts. You must train hard, and you’ll have a six-pack in no time!

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